Governance and politics


Title: Assessment of Yemen Water Law (Final Report)
Date: September 2002
Prepared for: Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH
By: Tony Richards

Title: Example of Partnership Research: Groundwater in the Political Domain (Al-MujellisCase study- Presentation)
Field work done by teem: WahibAl-Qubatee, Abdullah Ibrahim and Omar Al-Sabai

Title: MANAGING THE INVISIBLE: Understanding and Improving Groundwater Governance (Water Papers)
Authors: Marcus Wijnen, Benedicte Augeard, Bradley Hiller, Christopher Ward and Patrick Huntjens
Published in: June 2012
Publisher: The Water Unit, Transport, Water and ICT Department, Sustainable Development Vice Presidency.

Water Papers are available online at:

Title: Drought in Yemen- Qat_Profits Leaving Food Water Shortages-NYTimes (Article)
Published in: November 1, 2009
Publisher: The New York Times

Title: The Blind Spot In Water Governance: Conjunctive Groundwater Use in the MENA Countries
(Water Policy and Law in the Mediterranean)
Authors: Fran van Steenbergen
Nawal El Haouari

Title: Yemen Groundwater Governance (Presentation)
By: Christopher Ward

Title: The Political Economy of Water Management in Yemen: Conflict Analysis and Recommendations
Publisher: The Hague Institute for Global Justice
Published in: 25 June 2014

Title: Yemen Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change and Variability on the Water and Agricultural Sectors and the Policy Implications
Published in: April, 2010
Author: Document of the World Bank
Sustainable Development Sector Department Middle East and North Africa Region

Title: Water Priortiy N6. Makenze Report (Executive summary)
Year: August 2010

Title: Conflicts Over Natural Resources in the Global South
Authors: Maarten Bavinck, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Erik Mostert.
Year: 2014
Published by: CRC Press/Balkema

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