Governance and politics


Title: He Who Rides a Lion, Authoritarian Rule in a Plural Society: The Republic of Yemen
Author: Omar Daair
Year: 2001

Title: Tribal Diversity, Political Patronage and the Yemeni Decentralization Experiment
Author: Daniel Egel
Year: 2009

Title: Assessment of Yemen Water Law Final Report
Author: GTZ
Year: 2002

Title: The European Union’s Food Security Programme for the Republic of Yemen Technical Assistance to the Tihama Development Authority, Water Users’ Association Component, Draft Final Report of the Spate Irrigation and Participatory Irrigation Management Expert
Authors: Abraham Mehari Haile, Jaafar Hasan Alawi AL-Jeffri
Year: 2008

Title: Participatory Watershed Management Project Dhamar PWMP
Author: Dr. Naif Abu-Lohom

Title: Importance and Challenges of IWRM for Managing the Quality of the Nile System in Egypt
Author: Ashraf Ghanem

Title:  Accountability-Rights Analysis, Module 6
Author: Peter Laban
Year: 2006

Title: Damming water Supply,  A social – Technical Analysis of Small Recharge Dams and their Implications Local Community and Basin
Author: Simon Chevalking

Title: Transition towards adaptive management of water facing climate and global changes in Moroccan oases
Author: M Messouli
Year: 2010

Title: Participatory Approach of Water Management

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