Title: PRA in Al-Mujellis
Title: PRA in Wadi Zabid, Rima, and Al-Mujellis
CoCooN Integrated Project

Title: Second draft Report for Remote Sensing for Assessment of Water budget in Wadies Zabid &Rima Dr Ayoub Almhab
(Understanding analysis the Water Balance of the Wadies Zabeed and Rima western wadies)
By: Dr. Ayoub Almhab
Date: November 2011

Title: Satellite Imagery follow-up study- Interim report
By: Water Watch (Remote Sensing Services – Wageningen, the Netherlands) and Hydro-Yemen
Published by: The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Groundwater & Soil Conservation Project)
Published in: March 2012

Title                :      Remote Sensing and GIS applications for Water Resources Assessment
Author           :      Prof. D. Nagesh Kumar
Published in:      Dept of civil Engg , Indian Institute of Science

Title : Remote Sensing and GIS Application for Assessment of Land SuitabilityPotential for Agriculture in the IBB Governorate, the Republic of Yemen
Author : Mohamed Hezam AlMuashreki, Jubari Bin Mat Akhir, Sahibin Abd Rahim, Kadderi Md. Desa and Zulfahmin Ali Rahaman
Publisher : Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences
Year : 2010

Title : RS Workshop report 23 April 2014
Author : Prof. Abdulla Babaqi & Dr. Tarek Al-Hibshi
Year : 23 April 2014
Publisher : WEC (Water and Environment Centre)

Title: Modelling The Relationship between Rain and Sanitation in Yemen & Soil Conservation Service rainfall runoff model (SCS-RRM) (English Abstract)
Study by: Fouad Al-Jurmoozy
Published by: Cairo University
Date: 2010