General Water Management Topics

Title: Water Desalination in Taiz – Part II

Author: Jeremy Hodge

Publisher: The Yemen Times

Title: Water Desalination in Taiz – Part I

Author: Jeremy Hodge & Madiha Al-Junaid

Publisher: The Yemen Times

Title: Introductions to Stakeholder Dialogue for Concerted Action
Authors: Peter Laban
Year : 2003

Title: Modelling The Relationship between Rain and Sanitation in Yemen & Soil Conservation Service rainfall runoff model (SCS-RRM) (English Abstract)
Study by: Fouad Al-Jurmoozy
Published by: Cairo University
Date: 2010


Title: The Groundswell of Pumps: Multilevel Impacts of a Silent Revolution
By: Francois Molle, Tushaar Shah and Randy Barker
Published by:
Paper prepared for the ICID Meeting, Taiwan, November 2003

Title: Conjunctive groundwater use: a ‘lost opportunity’ for water management in the developing world?

By: Stephen Foster & Frank van Steenbergen

Publication Date: 2011

Published By: Hydrogeology Journal

Title: Surface Water Hydrology and Water Resources Management Case Study: Wadi Zabid, Tihama plain  Yemen
Study By: Dr. Abdo Sultan Hasan
Date: 2004

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