General Water Management Topics

Title: Basin Management in Wadi Zabid
By: Adel Al-Weshaliy, Wahib Al-Qubati, Abdullah Ibrahim, and Frank Van Steenbergen
Published by: MetaMeta and The Water and Environment Centre (WEC)

Title: Novel Sustainable Irrigation Techniques
Prepared by: Dr. Adel Al-Washali & Simon Chevalking
Published by: Faculty of Agriculture at Sana’a University

Title: Study on Strategic Orientation and Reorganization of the Irrigation Sector (Diagnostic Report)
By: MetaMeta & Yemen Consult
Date: October 2013


Title : Analyzing the potential of Roof Rain water harvesting Systems for water supply in Manakha town and surrounding area
By : Eng.  Abdullah Mohammed AL –Saidi    – WEC (Water and Environment Center)

Title: Impacts Assessment of Treated Wastewater Use in Agriculture Irrigation in Amran Area, Republic of Yemen
By: Ameen Rageh – Agricultural Research and Extension Authority, Dhamar, Yemen
Published in: 2014
Published by: International Journal of Environment and Sustainability

Title: Investigation of the Potential of Fogwater Harvesting in the Western Mountainous Parts of Yemen

By: Water and Environment Center, Faculty of Engineering, Sana’a University

Title : The Adaptive Water Resource Management Handbook
Author : Jaroslav Mysiak, Hans Jørgen Henrikson, Caroline Sullivan, John Bromley and Claudia Pahl-Wostl
Publisher : Earthscan in the UK and USA.
Year : 2010

Title: Surface Water Hydrology and Water Resource Management – Study of Wadi Zabid – Yemen, Tihama plain
By: Ahmad Sultan Abdu Hasan
Date: 12/7/2004

Title: Water Pollution Control – A Guide to the Use of Water Quality Management Principles (case study)
Prepared by: Mohamed Al-Hamdi
Published by: WHO/UNEP
Date: 1997

Title: Promoting micro-planning  (presentation)
This case is based on a capacity building under the Water Conservation Mission in Andhra PradeshIn

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