General Water Management Topics

Title: Water Demand Management Research Series: The Political Economy of Water Demand Management in Yemen and Jordan: A Synthesis of Findings
Written by: Mark Zeitoun
October 2009
Published by:
by the Regional Water Demand Initiative in the Middle East and North Africa

Title: MANAGING THE INVISIBLE: Understanding and Improving Groundwater Governance (Draft Report)
By: Marcus Wijnen; Benedicte Augeard; Bradley Hiller; Christopher Ward; and Patrick Huntjens
Published by: Water Papers
Date: June 2012


Title: PRA in Al-Mujellis
Title: PRA in Wadi Zabid, Rima, and Al-Mujellis
CoCooN Integrated Project

Title: OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE REPORT – WUA Operation and Maintenance Manual Wadi Zabid (Irrigation Improvement Project IIP )
Prepared and Published By: Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation
Date: September 2005


Title: Water Rights: The links between upstream and downstream areas
Wadi Zabid & WAR

Title: Water Management in Islam
By: International Development Research Center (IDRC)
Published by: United Nations University
Published in: 2001

Title: Water Distribution Among Wadi Zabid Groups

Title: Basin Management in Wadi Zabid
By: Adel Al-Weshaliy, Wahib Al-Qubati, Abdullah Ibrahim, and Frank Van Steenbergen
Published by: MetaMeta and The Water and Environment Centre (WEC)

Title: Novel Sustainable Irrigation Techniques
Prepared by: Dr. Adel Al-Washali & Simon Chevalking
Published by: Faculty of Agriculture at Sana’a University

Title: Study on Strategic Orientation and Reorganization of the Irrigation Sector (Diagnostic Report)
By: MetaMeta & Yemen Consult
Date: October 2013


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