IWRM Water value and economics


Title: Capacity Building in IWRM: The IWRM MSc Curriculum at the Water and Environment Centre, Republic of Yemen.
Authors: Dr. R.W.O. Soppe, Prof. Dr. A.S. Babaqi and Dr. F. Huibers

Title: Curriculum Outline WEC, Curriculum Outline of the ‘Strengthening the Water and Environment Center’ Project (NPT/YEM/036)
Year: 2008

Title: Urban Water Management in Developing Arid Countries
Author: Walid A. Abderrahman
Year: 2000

Title: Water as a Social and Economic Good:  How to Put the Principle into Practice
Author: Peter Rogers, Ramesh Bhatia and Annette Huber

Title: Policy and Economics Water Value/ Economics 
Author: Dr. Mohammed Al-Hebshi
Year: 2006

Title: A Non Renewable Resource Extraction Model and a Discussion of its Implications for Water Use in Yemen
Author: Ekko van Ierland
Year: 2006

Title: Incentives to Reduce Groundwater Consumption in Yemen
Authors: P.J.G.J. Hellegersa, C.J. Perryb and Nasser Al-Aulaqic

Title: Economic Incentives & Water Demand Management, Traditional Water Harvesting Systems and Management in Wadi Hadhramout, Yemen
Authors: Prof. M Elhibshi & Eng. S Bin Rabaa
Year: 2006

Title: Disposal of the Water Accompanying Masila Oil in Yemen
Authors: Dr Mohamed A. Al Hebshi and  Eng . Saleh Ahmad Bin Rabaa

Title: Water Charging in Irrigated Agriculture  An Analysis of International Experience
Authors: G. Cornish with B. Bosworth, C. Perry, J. Burke
Year: 2004

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